From the United Nations
1999 Project Description: Emergency Assistance to Earthquake Disaster in Southern Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China
25/8/98 United Nations Helps Reduce Flood Casualties in China with Accurate Forecast
27/2/98 UN Workshops on Geomagnetic Technology to Forecast Earthquakes and Weather Disasters
31/7/97 United Nations Efforts Facilitate Early Warning of Several Destructive Earthquakes in China During April
29/1/97 First Conference on Integration of Public Administration and Science of Disasters Concludes in Beijing
19/6/99 Disaster Warning All in the Clouds, AP report, in South China Morning Post (HK)
29/9/98 A dialogue in EOS, Transaction, American Geophysical Union

A Misuse of Public Funds: U.N. Support for Geomagnetic Forecasting of Earthquakes and Meteorological Disasters, in EOS vol. 79 no.39

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