Dr. Jeanne-Marie Col interviewed by National Public Radio

All Things Considered, 26 July 1996

On the eve of the twentieth anniversary of the Great Tangshan Earthquake , Dr. Jeanne-Marie Col (United Nations Department of Development Support and Management System, DDSMS, and the Global Programme) speaks with National Public Radio (NPR)'s Linda Wortheimer (Senior Producer, All Things Considered) on the public administration lessons uncovered from the field research she conducted on Qinglong County.

She describes earthquake precursors observed by scientists and the lay public, and the timely actions of the public administrators and the people of Qinglong County. Despite the loss of 240,000 lives in surrounding counties and the city of Tangshan from the magnitude 7.8 earthquake, only one person died, and that was from a heart attack.

Listen to the actual interview on NPR with RealAudio (6:00) Courtesy of RealAudio