Recommendations by the Participants to the United Nations International Workshop on the Forecasting of Natural Disasters by Geomagnetic Methods

The Participants of the UN International Workshop on Geomagnetic Methods (UNIWGM) are pleased to thank the United Nations, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the State Seismological Bureau of China for providing the opportunity to hold this successful workshop in Beijing, China, from 14-20 February, 1998.

Participants of the Workshop make the following recommendations:

  1. We recommend the improvement of geomagnetic observatories around the world in the following ways:

  2.         a)  The encouragement and enhancement of rapid communications regarding anomalous geomagnetic observations
            b)  Upgrading the existing instrumentation and establishment of new obeservatories and station networks in disaster prone areas.
  3. We recommend that data generated relating to the further activities of the UNIWGM shall be archived at World Data Center A, in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Data will be made available upon request.
  4. We recommend encouragement of communications between the geomagnetic, seismological, meteorological and othter geophysical communities for information exchange with the intention of furthering programs in forecasting natural disasters through interpersonal communications and common forums.
  5. We recommend the establishment of an international center coordinated by the UN Global Programme for the Integration of Pubilc Administration and the Science of Disasters in Beijing, China, for the promotion of geomagnetic methods in the forecasting of natural disasters.

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