Crustal Stress Community Awareness Network (CSCAN) 

Creating awareness and preparedness for natural disasters in the Philippines



·         Map of CSCAN Sites

·         CSCAN Mission Report July 24, 2001

·         Regional Development Council II Resolution in Support of CSCAN

·         Marikina Roundtable Held on August 21-23, 2000 Catalyzed the Formation of CSCAN

·         Forecasts and Results (2002-2003) (Microsoft Powerpoint file)

·         Successful Earthquake Forecast by CSCAN in June 2005!

·         Sorsogon International Workshop (2006)


During a period of two and a half months, from mid-August until the end of October 2000, the Government of the Philippines and the UNGP-IPASD joined in a cooperative effort to monitor and forecast natural disasters. Crustal stress sites were set up in nine municipalities located around the island of Luzon.  These sites are being monitored by local community residents, including public administrators, the lay public, young students, as well as scientists. The purpose of the Crustal Stress Community Awareness Network (CSCAN) is to strengthen the preparedness and awareness of local communities to changes in their natural environment that are related to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.


CSCAN drilling

Figure 1. Crustal Stress equipment being installed outside the Infanta Municipal Hall, Quezon Province.

cscan school monitoring

Figure 2. Students at the St. Paul School in Aparri, Cagayan Province, learning to monitor crustal stress data