Posted Fall/Winter 1996 The United Nations Global Programme for the Integration of Public Administration and the Science of Disasters announces an international conference, which will bring together public administrators and scientists from many disaster-prone countries to share knowledge and experiences concerning anticipation and mitigation methods. This UN conference will focus on techniques and systems for anticipating and mitigating large, destructive disasters, especially earthquakes. The conference will benefit both scientific and public administration communities, and will be of particular interest to those who seek holistic, comprehensive and effective mitigation of natural disasters.

Specifically, the conference aims to:

The conference will include panels, roundtables, poster sessions, speakers, and visits to the Tangshan area, precursor monitoring stations, and the City of Tangshan’s preserved sites and museum commemorating the 28 July 1976, magnitude 7.8 Tangshan Earthquake.

The conference is hosted by the State Science and Technology Commission of China.

For further information on this United Nations conference, please contact
Gay Rosenblum-Kumar, UNDDSMS.

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