Global Programme Team and Qinglong County Officials

UN Global Programme Team Visits Qinglong County
July 24, 1996

The UN team visited Qinglong County on July 24-25, 1996. Accompanied by Qinhuangdao Vice Mayor Huang Bingqi and Qinglong County Deputy Magistrate Liu Zhixin, the team visited and interviewed several local residents who experienced the 1976 Tangshan earthquake firsthand. Several lay public monitoring stations were on the itinerary, including a natural hot spring of which the water temperature increased suddenly a few days before the earthquake.

We express our heart-felt gratitude for the hospitality and support received from the people and officials of Qinglong County throughout the visit.

Wang Chunqing
Public Administrator Wang Chunqing in 1996, 20 years after he brought back the original scientific information from Tangshan to Qinglong County and initiated the preparedness work that saved the lives of Qinglong residents.
Secretary Ran
County Secretary Ran Guanqi recounted how he managed to gather unanimous support from his fellow county officials after hearing the reports of Wang Chunqing and ordered the county-wide evacuation. He further stated that Document No. 69, issued two years earlier, prompted him to learn more about earthquakes. His research provided him eventually with the basis of making the decision to take preparedness action just before the GTE.
PLA Officer
Retired army officers who were in charge of the evacuation of Qinglong County, talked excitedly about their experiences before and after the Tangshan earthquake.